What is Iridiology?

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What is Confidizing?


Hi, I am Linda Lucci Brecevich, born and raised in Hamilton, ON. My parents are a European blend of Italian and Croatian. My great gandfather, Simon Brecevich, was the village healer of Villa Raufeli in Croatia. He often spent weeks in the forest collecting plants to supply the village with natural remedies.  During his lifetime he healed many people of their ailments. Herbal healing came to me naturally through genetics.

Iridology came to me

In 1997 a dear friend of mine was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was filled with fear when the doctor recommended she have her breast removed within the next two weeks.  In a panic my friend began searching for options. I accompanied her to an Iridology appointment, we had never heard of Iridology before.  During our visit with the Iridologist, Betsy Vourantonis, we were amazed with the accurate and thorough diagnosis she delivered. I instantly connected with Betsy and soon became a devoted disciple of her teachings.  After one year of intense study and an apprentice program I became a Certified Iridologist and Nutrition Specialist. In 1998 I opened my Iridology Practice in Campbelville, ON. I am presently practicing in Hamilton, ON.

Complimentary Medicine for the Mind, Body and Soul

I believe preventive care is the key to keeping healthy, enjoying life and avoiding disease. It is important to understand your physical, mental and spiritual needs if complete healing and happiness is your desire. Iridology analysis is the most comprehensive natural tool in understanding all areas of your health needs. Through the use of whole foods, quality herbal supplements, body movement and personal “confidizing” you too can reach your optimal health and happiness. For over a decade now I have had success in guiding my clients through Digestive and Elimination issues, Lack of Energy, Urinary issues, Heart and Circulatory conditions, Controlling Cholesterol and Glucose levels, Prostate care, Skin irritations, Conceiving difficulties and much more. Every client comes with a unique combination of needs. My role is to identify, unravel and guide you through natural healing remedies to achieve your optimal health and happiness. Helping people heal on all levels is my passion. If you are ready to start living healthy and happy today, then don’t delay. Complementary medicine is your best option. Contact me and we will get started on your personal health program. YOU are your best investment; start investing in yourself now! Your returns are priceless. Looking forward to serving your best interest.