On-line Iridology Analysis

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It is simple… all you need is:

  1. A digital cameral with macro mode.
  2. A friend to take your iris photos.
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On- line Iridology consultations are now available for your convenience or necessity.  You can have this valuable information and never have to leave your home.

 Your consultation is based on iris photos supplied by you.  A video demonstrating how to take your iris photos will guide you to take clear shots for analysis. Upon receipt of your purchase, you will receive notification and full instructions to complete your consultation via e-mail.

Your consultation summary will include a detailed analysis of the iris with nutrition recommendations and natural remedies.  Personal Herbal programs are available upon request. Your summary will be sent to you via e-mail.  Phone consultations may be arranged as requested. 

What are you waiting for. Get involved with your health!

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On-line Consultation Fee  $ 75.00

Soon to come!

Please note that actual vision or laser surgery does not interfere or limit the information recorded in the iris.

Satisfaction Assured!

You can rest comfortably that we guarantee your satisfaction with the Online Iridology process.

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