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Personalized Herbal Programs

Personalized Herbal Programs

Based on your Iridology analysis, your physical areas of concern are revealed. With this concise and valuable information a herbal program is designed based on your individual needs. 

It is with the understanding that the body can heal it’s self that herbal programs are designed. The body needs specific rich nutrients to heal and restore proper balance. These nutrients are supplied through quality herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals.  Every herb, vitamin and mineral has a specific character or quality. Choosing the right combination to cleanse, rebuild and maintain will allow your body to function at its’ optimum health level. 

It is very important to understand the three RIGHTS of herbal healing.  This consists of taking the Right product, the Right quantity of it, for the Right amount of time to achieve the desired results. Having a personal program designed specifically for you, not the average person, will equip you with the 3 R’s necessary for success. Many people, who have not experienced proper guidance and use of herbs, tend to give up when the desired results are not instant.  Keep in mind that it takes time for your body to become dis-eased and it will also take time to restore the body back to health.  Herbal programs and remedies address the root of the dis-ease and not the symptoms.  Complete healing can be for a lifetime, please allow your body the time it needs to become healthy and happy. 

A personal herbal plan with detailed instructions is included as part of your Personal Iridology consultation. You will receive your information via e-mail. Your herbal plan will consist of specific cleanses and re-building phases based on your iridology reading and personal health goals. The herbal products recommended are supplied through Nature’s Sunshine herbal products. Costs for these herbs are additional.

In addition to your herbal program you will also receive nutritional advice and other natural remedies or suggestions suited to your individual needs and life style.

Please note that Lucci is not a doctor. If you are on any medications you should consult with your physician. Lucci will be glad to share her recommendations and work with your doctor to optimizing your health!